Terms & Conditions

General conditions for providing service by network lowpriceservers.eu (valid from 1. 10. 2015)

1.    Introductory provision
1.1. These are general conditions for providing service by network lowpriceservers.eu (further just "general conditions") are specified for providing in network lowpriceservers.eu,  Pavel  Žižka further just "provider")
Na Veselce 1013, 542 32 Úpice, Czech Republic
ID: 72085584
VAT-ID: CZ9112103869
The company is a VAT depositor.

2.    Providing services
2.1.    Provider allows customer access to network Internet. Providing services are provided in the Czech Republic and can be provided only to persons older than 15 years.
2.2.    Access to network lowpriceservers.eu is available for 24 hours a day, every day in a year.
2.3.    Provided services are intended solely for use by the customer
3.    Report of faults and troubles
3.1.    Customer reports eventual faults  (to the technical service) whose e-mail adress is at disposition along with a contact form (to be found on the provider’s website lowpriceservers.eu). Provider excises these faults in frame of technical and functional options without baseless cunctation.

4.    Data protection
4.1.    The provider and customers are due to keep confidential information about important conditions of agreement, about information obtained during an agreement and in case of agreement realisation in secret.
4.2.    All information mentioned in point 4.1 can be provided to the third parties only in the cases specified by law or after a double-sided agreement.
4.3.    If the provider obtains any confidential information about the customer by providing service, these private information are not shared with the third parties without customer‘s consent nor are allowed being misused in customer detriment. Information with statistic character and information whose retaining would be in contrast with law.
4.4.    The provider does not supervise content and information flow passing through his network. The provider is not responsible for any damages caused to the customer in consequence of using his network. By this is meant data loss or damage in consequence of delay, nondelivery, wrong delivery or drop out of network lowpriceservers.eu
4.5.    The provider does not guarantee for detriment on wholeness and confidence of the transmitted data if it occurs outside his system. The provider does not guarantee for eventual damage ensued by limitation or restraint of access to the network.
4.6.    The provider is not responsible for any unauthorized personell access to the data are transmitted in network, provider's fault cases excluded.
4.7.    As authorized access to the service is considered access founded on the basis of allocated IP adresses and passwords. All settings are noted in client‘s administration. The customer should never under any circumstances share his setting to the third parties for the sake of his privacy.

5.    Customer's obligations
5.1.    The customer by using services must not tamper with service in any different way than conventional way, especially he is prohibited movement in different directories and systems than those assigned to him, furthermore he is prohibited usage of system commands with which he could possibly change settings or functionality of this network. The customer is prohibited to use the lowpriceservers.eu network for different purposes than to access the internet and other internet's services, i.e. he is denied of operation of these services on the lowpriceservers.eu network, for example FTP servers, DC servers, torrents and any other similar services. In case of this rule violation and services operating on lowpriceservers.eu will be used against the law or will be threatening the security, the network provider is authorized to further restrict or completely shut down the service.
5.2.    Customer must not waywardly interfere network settings or other parts of the connection. In case where this action will be proven true (upon repair service), the customer is due to pay once-and-for-all service charge of 8 EUR.
5.3.    The customer is prohibited usage of the service to transfer information/content, which would be in conflict with law valid in the Czech republic.
5.4.    Usage of any information obtained through the provider's network is at customer's own risk. The provider above all refuses any responsibility for quality and accuracy of informations which were obtained this way.
5.5.    Services can be used only for purposes which are not opposing the law. Any access to other networks must meet with their TOS and the law of the Czech republic and also the country in which the provider of this other network has a seat. Transfer of materials which counteract the law including local jurist modifications is forbidden and this include: Materials protected with trade mark, to which the customer doesn't have a copyright, Materials branded by the law like threatening or salacious, Materials protected by business secret, which customer doesn't have a right to send.
5.6.    Local networks connected to the network of the provider must be adequately technologically protected from disallowed access. Lowpriceservers.eu isn't responsible for any damage caused by disallowed access.
5.7.    All cases of disallowed operating in network lowpriceservers.eu must be reported by customer to the administrator of the network immediately.
5.8.    The customer is due in his own interest to provide to the provider valid contact information, especially a valid e-mail and a phone number. If the customer changes his contact information, he is due to report these changes to the provider, immediately.

6.    Provider’s obligations
6.1.    The provider is due to provide service according to these conditions and jurist prescriptions conditioning supplying services like these.
6.2.    The provider is due to keep service in working state and in the case of damage or drop out, immediately to start with  reparation to resolve the issue.
6.3.    The provider is due to inform the customer any limitations, interceptions or irregularities in providing the service, if the provider knows about the problém and troubles beforehand, he is to inform his customers on his web page with a statement.
6.4.    The provider is due to inform customers about changes in general conditions.

7.    Pricing of services, their billing and defrayments
7.1.    Prices of provided services are contractual prizes according to law no. 526/1990 collecting, about prizes as amended by later regulations. It is based on valid price list of provider. Valid price list is available at provider's web page lowpriceservers.eu.
7.2.    The provider is able to do modify the prices of provided services justified with changes in the entry’s prices, in consequence of legislative changes based on incidence of regulator, eventually in consequnce of changes from the whole developement of a telecommunication market.
7.3.    Due date of order is 7 calendar days. Due date is meant when the provider receives incoming payment.
7.4.    In case of customer's default the provider is permitted to ask for an undercharge and also for an interest on late payment in an amount 1% + handling fee from owing sum per day of late payment. In the moment when a law for disburse of interest on late payment enters into force, the provider has a right to decline access to the network to customer until paid of amount due.
7.5.    If the sum of provided services is not paid, the provider is free to take any necessary legal actions to paying of amount due.
7.6.    If the customer does not pay in actual date, the provider can limit or pause provided services. Provided services will be reestablished in full ambit after paying all of amount dues. If the provider limits or pauses provided services, he is able to account again-activated charge in an amount of 15 EUR.
7.7.    If there is fault at system or network of provider and that is the reason why the customer cannot use the services in one day for longer than 6 hours, the provider is to provide the customer with discount at monthly-charge in an amount one thiertieth from this charge a default day, to the limit of an amount of mothly-charge. This discount does not apply if the drop out is planned beforehand and the customer is well informed about this.

8.    Complaint rules
8.1.    Customer is due to report the defect. The moment of defect is defiend as when customer announces the defect on system's provider, by call or e-mail.
8.2.    Provider is not reponsible for withholding of services or their low quality, if it is caused by:
8.2.1.    higher authority
8.2.2.    the accident arisen by customer or mistake in customer’s system.

9.    Services providing limitations
9.1.    Provider reserves the right to limit or absolutely stop the customer’s service in case customer disturbs the stability of lowpriceservers.eu‘s service, i.e. if customer’s machine has been infected or network attacking. Provider will refresh all services as soon as customer fixes the problem.
10.    Ending of service providing
10.1.    Providing of services is possible to end with immediate effect reagrding the agreement between customer and provider.
10.2.    When the agreement has been disbanded the customer is due to return back everything that belongs to the provider without unnecessary delays.
10.3.    Cancellation of the agreement nor the liability for damage does not deny the duty of customer to pay all owing sums.

11.    Concluding measures
11.1.    These general conditions supply all previous conditions.
11.2.    Actual general conditions are on web page (lowpriceservers.eu)

1.1.2018 in Úpice - Pavel Žižka