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We are an international provider of cheap virtual servers. We have our own data center and we also allow anonymous crypto payments. You can also buy unlimited ip addresses with any server.

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All our cloud services running on HP servers with Intel Xeon processors with frequencies from 2.0 to 3.5 GHz. In the case of Turbo Boost, your VPS will be installed on our most powerful AMD Ryzen 9 3900X with a frequency of up to 4.6 GHz.




1 €


0.6 €
Total price monthly
Total price daily
Knowledge of operating system administration is required to run the virtual server.
Server management is entirely in the hands of the customer and no configuration support is provided free of charge.
For Windows, a license is not included. The user is obliged to obtain the license himself.
For virtual server you will receive full root rights to manage your server.
Payment methods
Bank transfer / deposit
Bank Transfer
PayU - GPay - debit & credit cards
Crypto payment

Free services:

   Snapshots    Configuration change    SLA 99%
   Without monthly contract    Loyalty discounts    Ticket support
   Free setup

More servers in administration

WHY LowPriceServers.eu ?
Our servers are powered by high-end Intel Xeon X75xx, X56xx CPUs family and AMD Ryzen 9 3900X located in our own datacenter.
Operating systems
Pick yourself an operating system from a wide range of choices and it will install itself automatically.
HYDRA Admin Panel
Fully automated administration of servers and other services.
Available conectivity up to 1 Gbps. 100 Mbps guaranteed with a boost up to 1 Gbps. Includes 1x IPv4 with an option of unlimited extension.
All of our services are protected by an active DoS and DDoS firewall
Credit system
Advanced credit system based on daily updates.
You won't need monthly nor annual orders!

* HYDRA credit system - No to commitments, Yes to loyalty discounts

HYDRA administration panel works on a basis of the credit system. Each payment is converted to credits by a conversion rate of€ 1 = 1 credit.
Your servers and services will be using this credit. Credit status is updated everyday. We say stop to monthly commitments!
7 days after placing an order for your server a loyalty discount will be activated. From that point the server will be cheaper everyday (using less credits than written in the plans).

Upgrade to 1 Gbps dedicated connection +35% of price
Next IPv4 <= /27 = 1 €
> /27 = 0.6 €
Management +10% of price ( minimal value 3.5 € )
Our work / 1h +10% of price (minimal value 6 €)
SMS notification +2.89 € / month
SLA 99.5% +5% of price (minimum 2.2 €)
SLA 99.85% +10% of price (minimum 6.5 €)
SLA 99.90% +15% of price (minimum 11 €)
SLA 99.99% +18% of price (minimum 33 €)

* When service uptime is less than guaranted SLA time = you get a 100% discount next time. Down time must be caused by our technical issues.

** When service uptime is less than guaranted SLA time = we'll refund 100% money back and give you a 100% discount for the next month.

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About us

Our company operates on the market for more than 5 years, gathering experiences that we use for the benefit for our customers. Our customers and our servers receive extra care from our team of workers bringing safety and stability to our services.

Our goal is to be a leader on the field of innovations for the benefit of our customers and utilize our experiences on the market where customers are caught in the stereotypes of obsolete companies.

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Pavel Žižka
Na Veselce 1013
Úpice, 542 32
Czech Republic

VAT ID: CZ9112103869
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